36% of the population is aged 14 or below. Approximately 3.1% of adults are living with HIV/AIDs and over 28% of its population is living below the international poverty line. In terms of corruption, on an international scale from 0-10, 10 being the best a country can be, Ghana is rated 3.9.

What we do

We have been working in Ghana since 1995, when we started providing small grants to partner organisations within the country. We have supported children into education, helped building schools for children with disability and contributed to increase families’ income through income generation activities and micro-finance schemes.

Most of our current work is focused in Tamale, Northern Ghana, which is the poorest and most marginalised part of the country, with literacy rates for boys and girls in this area as low as 33%. There is a tradition of fostering children in this part of the country which has contributed to the exploitation of children and in worst cases to child abuse. Over 20,000 children in the area are engaged in exploitative forms of labour at an early age.

In partnership with Comic Relief, via our Childhood Regained programme we are now working towards stopping child labour and trafficking by empowering children through encouraging them to educating the adults on issues of children’s rights.