Hope for Children - Empowering Families

Projects: Empowering families

One of the challenges faced by those in International Development is not only to develop programmes which help those in need, but to create ones which give people the help and resource they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

This is the focus behind the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach, which looks to take the strengths of people in poverty and give them a boost. This is usually in the form of micro-finance schemes so people can earn a living and provide for their children.

We believe that people in poverty often do the best they can in the circumstances they are either born into or find themselves in. So by running micro-finance schemes we can give people the financial boost they need to use their own strengths to earn a living. This in turn means they are able to provide for their own family and ultimately can afford to send their children to school, rather than needing constant help from organisations such as ourselves.