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Hope for Children #GivingTuesday

It’s not every day a charity founded just 20 years ago on a £5,000 legacy gets asked to become a part of an international campaign. Even less often do they get asked to become a founding partner!

However, this is exactly what has happened to HOPE, and we could not be more excited to become part of the upcoming #GivingTuesday UK campaign. HOPE is incredibly fortunate to have such a wide and diverse range of supporters. Being part of #GivingTuesday will be an opportunity to unite them all, from the first year student taking on a major challenge event to the life-long supporter.

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We are hugely excited to bring #GivingTuesday to our university partners and student supporters with a big social media campaign! Through our student initiative, Your Uni, Their Lives (YUTL), HOPE works with Raising and Giving (RaG) societies all over the UK to raise funds for our work with street and working children in East Africa.

Having already expressed their excitement and anticipation of #GivingTuesday, we have little doubt that Generation Y are going to be hugely influential in driving the campaign on their campuses and in their local communities, simultaneously raising more awareness and more money for charities than ever before on a single day.

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“#GivingTuesday looks set to be a really exciting opportunity for RAGs from across the country to join forces and inspire mass giving to the charitable causes we are all so passionate about.” Emma Colliver, Cambridge RAG President 2013-14.

If you’d like to become part of HOPE’s #GivingTuesday team, and bring this international campaign to your university, company or community, then get in touch HERE.