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The Impact Network

The Impact Network is a small group of strategically and philanthropically minded, successful, powerful individuals, who come together to use their resources, knowledge and networks to invest in rapid, sustained and impactful change in vulnerable children’s lives in key locations across the world.

Having worked in international development for over 22 years, Hope for Children has a clear strategy of the changes we want to facilitate in the lives of the children we work with over the next 3 years. By bringing 8-10 committed supporters together, to invest in our country based strategies, we can deliver results to the children that need it most in a predictable, scalable and impactful way.

Our Commitment to Members:

As a member of the Impact Network you are a key part of the Hope for Children family. We want Hope to change your life as much as you help us change the lives of the children we work with. We want to connect your heart and soul to our work and the impact together we will make on children’s lives and their communities.

How will we connect and engage with you? What do you receive as a member of the Impact Network?

  • An exclusive group that brings together individuals bound by a common mission – to invest in changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world.
  • Invitations to 2 events per year to enjoy the company of other members, receive an update about the charity’s achievements/future activities, be informed of key international development issues and listen to inspirational guest speakers.
  • Join Hope for Children’s CEO and senior members of the team on private visits to our programmes across the world.
  • Input into the charity’s strategy through invitations to attend our Annual Strategy Review and related workshops with Hope’s Board of Directors, CEO, Staff and Partners.
  • Priority invitations to Hope for Children events such as Your Business, Their Lives networking events, the annual Hope Ball, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • Direct communication with the Chair and CEO of Hope for Children and receive updates about the charity’s work and the specific impact of your social investment at least twice per year.

Our Next Event:

  • The India Impact Network Dinner
  • Thursday 26th January
  • Cinnamon Kitchen, 9 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YL
  • By invitation only. Please contact us for more details of our next event.

So What’s Next?

We recognise that you may have more questions about Hope for Children and the Impact Network. So the next step is for you to have an informal, friendly meeting with our CEO. During that chat you can find out more about our work, our impact and aspirations for the future. Equally we want to find out more about you. We want to find out about your background, your passion, interests and ambitions for the future so that we can make sure you get the best experience from being a member of the Impact Network.

To find out more about The Impact Network or attend our latest event get in touch with Sherry at or on 01442 234561