Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on a headline below to see the questions and answers within that section. If you have any questions that are not answered here or would like to discuss any of these questions, please do get in touch.

How We Work

  • Why do you only work in certain countries?

Our presence in these countries is historical in some cases. Most are where our first supporters had the means to come across cases of vulnerable children who needed our help most. Some of the newer countries that we work in have been a result of needs based research and developing partnerships for our work in areas where we have thematic expertise.

  • How do you choose which projects to support?

Projects are chosen according to certain sets of criteria that take into account a) the severity of the problem to be addressed; b) the ethos and capacity of the implementing organisation; c) our own capacity to fund the project and provide technical capacity to the partner organisation.

  • Why do you work with partners?

We believe that development work is more effective and sustainable if carried out by local organisations. We also think that local knowledge is crucial in finding long lasting solutions to local problems and we want to support that. We also want to encourage building the capacity of civil society and this can only be done if we work through local organisations.

  • Can I visit your projects?

We do not encourage development tourism, however if you become a supporter of our projects there are opportunities to carry out exposure visits accompanied by our programme staff.

Our finances

  • How can I make sure all of my donation goes towards a project I want to support?

You can specify a project when making a donation, if you have something you specifically want to support. Then we make sure all your donation goes towards that project.

  • What will happen to my donation if I don’t specify how I want it to be spent?

Your donation will be used to help where it is needed most. We ensure your money is well spent by only supporting projects where we have good selection, reporting and evaluation processes in place so we can guarantee that your money will be well spent and really make a positive difference to the lives of the children we support.

  • How do you keep your costs down?

One thing which sets Hope for Children apart from most international charities is that we employ people locally to select, monitor and evaluate projects for us. This avoids the need to employ expensive staff in the UK to do this – and it provides employment opportunities for local people. It also means the projects we support are driven by local needs. Another way we keep costs down is the extensive use of volunteers in the UK.

Donating to Hope for Children

  • What is the best way to donate?

We are hugely grateful for your support and would be delighted to receive donations via any method that is convenient for you. The most cost-effective way of donating is simply transferring funds into our account. For more information please download our How to Donate document.

  • What is Gift Aid?

If you are a UK tax payer, you can make every £1 you give‚ or have given worth 25p more, just by filling out our Gift Aid Form or indicating that you would like your donation to be gift aided online. This is because the government’s Gift Aid scheme allows us to reclaim tax on donations. This means that you can make an even bigger difference at no extra cost to you!

  • Can I make a one-off donation?

Absolutely, you can donate once or choose to do so regularly either online, or offline. Please see our How to Donate document for guidance.

  • Can I donate by text?

Yes you can! We have just started working with Blackbaud Mobile to enable you to donate via text. If you are taking part in a challenge you can even get your own text code to promote to your supporters and boost your fundraising total! For more information, please see our donate page, or our fundraising support page for more details or give us a call on 01442 234 561.


  • I work for a big company, how can I get them involved?

Interested in organising an event, doing a challenge or getting a corporate team together to compete in a Hope for Children event or perhaps you know that your company is looking for a charity of the year? Whatever, your thoughts contact Ed Fletcher and he will be in touch about how best to get them involved!

  • Can I fundraise overseas?

Yes of course! You will need to abide by the laws and regulations of that country, yet people can fundraise for Hope for Children worldwide. Please note that if receiving sponsorship or donations from those overseas, we will be charged commission on the currency conversion to pounds sterling. You can also contact us directly to discuss your fundraising.

  • Can I fundraise for a specific project?

Yes you can. If you wish to restrict your donation to a project you can do so on any of the projects listed on this website. You can also contact us directly to discuss your fundraising and which project you would like the funds to go to.

  • How can I fundraise for Hope for Children?

There are tons of ways to fundraise for Hope for Children. Please look at our Get Involved section to register for one of our events or our Fundraising Ideas section on how to do your own fundraising


  • What is expected from me as a volunteer and what can I expect back?

To respect Hope for Children’s values, express an interest in our cause and the charity sector. To be reliable yet flexible.

We guide and support our volunteers to ensure that they learn and/or develop new skills together with the satisfaction that their time and efforts are helping us to make a difference and reach more vulnerable children whilst volunteering your time to keep our costs down and ensure that we can reach our target of helping vulnerable, needy children and have a big impact.

  • What are the benefits of me volunteering?

You can help make a difference. Volunteering is fun, a fantastic opportunity to meet people whilst using your time wisely. You will learn and develop skills to help improve your CV and feel like you have done something worthwhile.

  • How much time do I need to give?

As much as you can or want to! We have different volunteer roles available which can be influenced by how much time you would like to and are able to give. Some of our opportunities involve a specific number of hours each week yet, it could just be helping as a one off!

  • Which volunteering roles are available close to where I live?

There are various roles available depending on your interests and abilities. The roles available are listed under the Volunteer Section of this website. Our internships are based within our office in Hemel Hempstead.

  • Can I volunteer overseas?

Occasionally we do have opportunities but at the moment we do not have any voluntary placements overseas available. Many of our projects are coordinated by our partner organisations and thus Hope for Children is not directly implementing the work. We are a small but growing charity and do not have the capacity to manage numerous volunteers or support offered to the programmes team.

  • Can I volunteer with the children you help?

No. Hope for Children works with partner organisations and through local organisations. We do not implement our projects and therefore do not have direct contact with children.

  • Do I need lots of experience?

It depends on how you would like to help us to whether experience or certain skills are required. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, meet people and develop your skills.

  • Will I get training?

Your volunteer welcome pack includes details about Hope for Children and volunteering. You will receive an event brief at each event you attend. We will send you our newsletters so to keep you updated on our work.

  • What happens if I change my mind?

If you decide that volunteering with Hope for Children is not for you we ask that you please let us know with as much notice as possible.

  • Will I get my expenses paid?

We do cover reasonable volunteer expenses when agreed with the Office Manager.

  • Can I claim benefits while volunteering?

Yes. Benefits regulations state that you can volunteer. Volunteers are not paid for their time but can be reimbursed for their travel and other legitimate expenses.

We recommend you notify the relevant agency before you start volunteering.

People claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) can volunteer as long as they remain available for work and are actively seeking paid employment.

People claiming Income Support and/or Disability Living Allowance can volunteer.

People claiming Incapacity Benefit can volunteer for as long as they want. The rule that people receiving Incapacity Benefit could only volunteer for 16 hours a week no longer exists. Volunteering does not affect your “permitted work”.

  • Will I be insured?

Volunteers are covered by Hope for Children’s insurance policy while in our office or engaged in volunteering on our behalf.

  • Do I need a DBS check?

Only if you come into contact with children. The majority of our voluntary roles do not require a DBS check.

  • Can I get a reference?

On request, we can provide a written character reference if you volunteered in support of Hope for Children for a reasonable length of time.