The #ChildhoodMemories Campaign

#ChildhoodMemories Hope for Children

At Midday on Wednesday 9th April, Hope for Children (HOPE) launched a new Social Media campaign. It’s in a similar vein to the recent #nomakeupselfie trend, however this has a totally different aim. Many of you will be able to recall many countless #ChildhoodMemories from your first football match and even your first day at the beach. Many of us cherish these moments through looking back at what are now hilarious photos of us in our innocent prime. Being able to enjoy our childhood without a care in the world, probably not realising how fortunate we are.

This is a far cry from the streets of East Africa, where Children line the streets, homeless. In Uganda, a third of the population lives below the poverty line. Their childhood memories are almost non-existent due to the need for them to grow up far quicker than they should. Children in Kisenye – one of the most dangerous slums in Uganda – are some of the most marginalised in the world; they are often viewed as a nuisance or threat by adults around them and are subject to a variety of physical and sexual abuse. Solvent abuse, mainly aviation fuel and glue, is a large problem amongst the street children in this slum area. This is no childhood; these are children having to grow up much quicker than they should have too. Many of these children will lack any kind of positive #ChildhoodMemories

So what are we trying to achieve? From this Wednesday we want you to share your #ChildhoodMemories with us. By sharing your memories from the past you will be raising awareness for those who don’t and in the process through donating £3 to HOPE, you will be helping them to give back those memories that we take for granted. By Saturday, we want this to be sweeping across the UK, as it is International Day for Street Children and we want their plight to be recognised!

Alternatively, if you are a parent you could share a funny or embarrassing photo of your child to equal effect and tag them to help spread the campaign.

So why should you take part? You will be able to both raise awareness about the difficulties facing street children in East Africa, whilst also raising much needed funds for HOPE who will be able to use this money to help numerous children across the region. All you need is a computer, a phone and an embarrassing photo! Use your networks of friends – whether its work friends, school friends or relatives to spread #ChildhoodMemories across the country and then text to donate to HOPE. Through uploading your childhood memory and donating, you will be helping us to give street children their childhoods back!


If you want to be a part of this campaign please contact Ed Fletcher at or give him a call on 07815 728992 so we can help HOPE give street children their childhood back!