Stories of Hope

Keya (1)

A Story of Hope – Meet Keya

18 June 2017

Keya is a happy, healthy and bubbly 11-year-old girl from Sri Lanka. Like most children her age, she spent her…


Meet Caden

15 May 2017

Caden is a bright 15-year-old boy living in Manila in The Philippines. At the tender age of just 7 his…


Meet Naim

28 March 2017

Naim is a lively and bright 10 year old boy from northern Ghana, and most importantly, a big football fan.…


Meet Caroline

9 March 2017

                          Caroline is a loving, proud woman and…

Meet Amos

27 February 2017

Amos is a thoughtful, happy-go-lucky 14 year old boy from the slum of Namuwongo, Uganda. He is one of the…


Meet Jasmine

9 January 2017

Jasmine is 15 years old with a beautiful smile and an infectious sense of humour. She is one of nine children…


Meet Derrick

9 January 2017

Derrick is a happy, cheeky young man who always has a smile despite facing the challenge of living in a…


Meet Malini

9 January 2017

Malini (centre) is a clever and strong young woman who, together with her mum, works hard to feed and clothe…