Our finances

We are committed to being as open as possible with our supporters, and we hold to the highest ethical standards when it comes to deciding how we distribute the funds we raise.

Summarised Financial Statements 2014/15

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Hope for Children has enjoyed a solid financial performance in 2014/15, with the year-end total incoming resources (£1,803,139) 18% higher than the previous year (2014: £1,523,038). As a consequence of prudent financial management and an increase in funds generated, Hope for Children was able to increase its total funds carried forward by 15% to £681,673 (2014: £592,394) of which unrestricted funds at the end of the year increased by 55% to £273,211 (2014: £176,257).

Whilst the financial position has improved due to significant increases across donations, sponsorship and grant income, it is clear that the organisation must also increase its capacity in legacy and regular giving income to further secure and expand its financial basis. To this end,the Trustees are committed to continuing to implement a robust fundraising strategy that enables Hope for Children to build on recent fundraising innovations and achievements whilst also investing in developing core revenue streams such as regular giving. Hope forecasts an income in excess of £1,849,860 in 2015-16